A blog about democracy, freedom, government and economics in Singapore, written by Andy Wong. Attempting to understand and explain the Singapore model, what is wrong with it, and how it can be improved.

7 responses to “About

  1. david

    Hi andy, do you mind sharing your email. I have some explanation to your recent post “tightening on foreign labour” i was in foreign recruitment before.

  2. sgtshirts

    Hi Andy

    Just came across your blog from a link at TREmeritus. I am very impressed with your writing, well thought out and written.
    I shall be watching your blog with great interest..

  3. stephaniet

    Just wanted to say thank you for consistently writing informative and cogently argued pieces. This is truly one of the best resources on Singapore on the web.

  4. I’m inspired. Hence I’m now a follower of your blog

  5. kheng wah

    Andy, thanks for being one of the lone human voices in this human mess called Singapore. Thanks for having the courage and the conscience to voice what many of us are unable or are afraind to voice for one reason or another. May God watch over you.

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