Anton Casey cures Singaporeans of Xenophobia

Singaporeans from all walks of life were rejoicing today after Anton Casey inadvertently cured them all of xenophobia. This occurred after it was revealed that British readers of left liberal newspaper “The Guardian” hate the obnoxious expat too.

Anton Casey

One office worker commented, “I know we’re supposed to help foreigners integrate, but really I just wanted to integrate my foot with his ass, if you know what I mean. At first I felt ashamed for harbouring such xenophobic thoughts, but apparently everyone in the world hates Anton Casey, so now it just seems normal and totally fine”.

The pale-faced expat is currently keeping a low profile, whereabouts unknown. But some Singaporeans sensed an opportunity. “At first I just wanted to throw eggs at his house, very xenophobic, I know.” admitted one cabby. “But after realising that thousands of Brits hate Casey too, I thought why not forge closer ties with the UK, ship our eggs over there and outsource the process? It may seem strange to integrate with foreigners who don’t actually live here, but at least they don’t hate us, right”.

Media commentators predict that hatred of Casey will continue to grow exponentially until either he apologises, or the next MRT breakdown, at which point everyone in Singapore will go back to bitching about the government instead.


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4 responses to “Anton Casey cures Singaporeans of Xenophobia

  1. Anton Casey did not simply offend us Singaporeans; he also offended our principles of tolerance and respect. But in our moment of anger, we must not follow the likes of Anton Casey and turn our backs on these long-standing values.


    • Sad Singaporean

      Singapore itself is an intolerant narrow-minded country where if you are an LGB and ESPECIALLY a transgender individual, you are discriminated everywhere you go, from being openly called names (i.e. ciao ah gua) to denying an equal opportunity to get a proper job, or even renting a place to stay. Racism is also wide spread, where you see ads that openly advertise “Indians and Malays please excuse”. Shameful.

  2. J Hughes

    Citizens of former colonial powers often seem to overlook the fact that the now independent country is doing well on it’s own.

    They also seem to forget they are GUESTS, for the most part, in the country. Every citizen of Singapore from the filthy rich to the bum sleeping on the street (there are a few) have one thing going for them that the Anton Casey’s of this world don’t have – citizenship!

    Singapore, for all it’s political shortcomings, has another thing going for it – it has managed to let four very different cultures to live together in relative harmony. How many countries can claim that!

    LEE, Kuan-Yew, IMO, has treated the country as his own and it’s people like his children. It is not a full democracy, it has definite authoritarian tendencies – even today.

    Singapore should cut the ignorant people like Casey some slack, and take time to educate him. He might turn out to be a credit to Singapore, eventually.

    • Thanks for the comment. Agree with you about the authoritarian tendencies. In fact I fear Singapore is becoming increasingly authoritarian in response to the threat to power posed by freedom of information online. Control of information has been a defining feature of Singapore under Lee and the internet is a challenge which the ruling party has no mechanism for dealing with. The pending case against Alex Au is likely to be chilling.

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