Singapore is a rogue state

There I said it. Sue me.

Singapore is a rogue state. After years of dubious actions on the world stage, it’s now coming back to bite us.

US Senators Max Baucus (Democrat – Montana) and Jon Tester (Democrat – Montana) introduced a measure to block US funding to Singapore’s Institute of Microelectronics (IME) until the US Attorney General certifies that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has full access to all evidence and records relevant to the death of US citizen Shane Todd.

The suspicion of a cover-up over the death of Shane Todd is just the latest in a long line of global mischief that the Singapore government has presided over.

The US in particular are likely to have been troubled in June last year when Singapore, along with no other countries but China, required a last-minute exemption to continue buying Iranian oil after enhanced sanctions were put in place.

Locally we are seen as a haven for corrupt Indonesian politicians with money to launder.

We welcome the likes of Zimbabwe’s Mugabe and the Burmese junta with open arms.

Football match fixer Dan Tan mysteriously is beyond the reach of the law despite an Interpol arrest warrant being in place.

Our sovereign wealth funds appear to have done business with known proliferators of weapons of mass destruction.

Oh, and the media, the ones who will be along shortly to confirm or clarify that this move by the US is not a problem, is now ranked by Reporters Without Borders as less reliable than that of Putin’s Russia.

Does it get much worse than this?

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One response to “Singapore is a rogue state

  1. Civet cat

    Yes, it can get much worse than this. The US might decide after the Todd case, the AIM scandal and other glaring mishaps that Singapore is an unreliable ally and tensions with China require their navy base gets alternative administration. It would be trivial for the US to install a new boss in a place smaller than Rhode Island. The British did it, why not the US? And who could stop them?

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