Have the Worker’s Party forgotten Hougang?

Remember Hougang? It seems WP have already forgotten the Hougang by-election – or at least the most important lesson they should have learnt from it. Eventually their candidate Png Eng Huat came home with an impressive 62% of the vote but for a while it wasn’t clear whether there was going to be a by-election at all. WP were very vocal in asking for PM Lee to call a by-election, and on this they benefited from some opposition unity from the Reform Party who also argued on a couple of occasions [1] that a by-election should be mandatory and not at the PM’s discretion. Ultimately though it seems the most forceful demand for a by-election came from a brave resident of Hougang who was willing to challenge the government in court – Mdm Vellama. Have the WP forgotten about her? Much was made at the last GE about WP’s ‘A Team’ which included one of Singapore’s greatest legal minds – Chen Show Mao – but surprisingly it seems they have been very quiet on Mdm Vellama’s case. One wonders if Chen Show Mao has been helping with this crucial case that helped to push PM Lee into calling the Hougang BE in the first place. Has the ultimate beneficiary of the by-election – Png Eng Huat – contributed anything to the appeal fund? I understand the entire filling fees could have been covered in about two weeks from his MPs allowance.

So what are the WP actually working for? Is their idea of a first world parliament one where we have to beg the PM for a by-election, and then we only get one if he feels like it? What are they doing to support their resident – Mdm Vellama – in this matter? If WP came to power, would they change the law so that by elections are mandatory, or do they want to maintain the status quo and put the discretionary power to call a by-election into their own hands? I’ve been following this case through the online media and I’ve seen that the Reform Party, SDP and NSP have all been publicly supportive – but I haven’t seen anything similar from WP. Why are they so quiet?

If you would like to help Mdm Vellama with the costs of her case, you can read more details here: http://www.tremeritus.com/2012/10/02/legal-fund-appeal-by-mdm-vellama-in-respect-of-hougang-by-election-case-appeal/

[1] http://thereformparty.net/about/press-releases/statement-on-the-hougang-by-election/

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